This week we are doing daddy edition.
Mighty fine daddy, I might add.

The past couple weeks none of us have gotten as much daddy
time as we are accustomed too.
We'll just say it was a very rough two weeks.
On everyone.

Point is. . . We sure do love this guy.

Embrace that Camera.


Can't You Just Smell the Cute

Talk about picture overload. . . but I am pretty sure the grandparents aren't going to mind!


Peace out Summer.

and. . .

Have a Happy Fall Y'all.


Story of Drool.

Gwen has been drooling.
A lot. . . as in non stop.
That slobber hides under her multiple chins and causes sores.
I feel like I am changing her onesies more often than diapers.
Note to self: Hurry up and buy some bibs already.

The other day she grabbed my finger, and bit down. . . hard.
That's when I discovered my baby girl had teeth.
Not one but two of them.

I would like to think I will get a lot of toothy grin pictures now.
But I know it's probably not going to happen.
She's more of the serious type.
She is always quick to smile, but they are always short lived.
Oh well, that pouty, chubby cheek face is still the cutest thing around!