This week we are doing daddy edition.
Mighty fine daddy, I might add.

The past couple weeks none of us have gotten as much daddy
time as we are accustomed too.
We'll just say it was a very rough two weeks.
On everyone.

Point is. . . We sure do love this guy.

Embrace that Camera.


Alicia said...

LOVE all of these. what gorgeous kiddos you have! and we love ourselves some daddy time too! A LOT of it!!! =)

hill said...

what beautiful shots!

Amy said...

Love these!

mjrodriguez said...

great photos!

Lara said...

Gorgeous pics! Ainsley's hair has gotten so LONG!

Harris Family said...

I have just loved catching up in your blog! You are such an amazing photographer!!! And oh my, your kids are so photogenic! We should work something out when you come down next time... We would love to see you guys!

Bethanne said...

Every single one of those was great! I'd be framing those if I were you. :)

And I'm glad you survived without him...our whole Fall season seems to be without Dan and so I'm torn: my favorite season because there is so much to do, and yet my least favorite because Dan is gone all the time. What do you do?

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love the first shot best but really they are all wonderful!