Past Due

I haven't been feeling good lately. 13 weeks to be exact. Which means I only have 6 months left of feeling sick and tired. I am one of those lucky women, who is sick the ENTIRE NINE MONTHS of pregnancy. So Fun!

I spend my days doing as little as possible. The more I do, the sicker I get. I am lucky that my kids love to entertain each other!!! (also VERY lucky, they can get their own drinks and a lot of times food! Yes I buy frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I don't feel bad at all!!)

One of their favorites is dress-up. These aren't their halloween costumes, but as soon as walmart put out their stuff, the kids each picked a couple to add to the dress-up box. Hours of entertainment.
This is also one of Isaac's favorite things to do right now . . .

Isaac is all about "making" music these days. Anyone who knows Mike, knows this would be HIS kid!

The other day Isaac and I had a talk about money. He was just so sure we make a million dollars and can buy him any toys he wants. I told him no one has that money, except maybe Hannah Montana. His response, "Well I can sing, play the drums, and guitar. I could be a jonas brother. Then I would have a million dollars!" Judging by the picture above, he is on the right track!

Last but not least, we just got back from San Antonio. We went for a quick trip to sea world. Let me tell you FUN FUN FUN, but so exhausting. I overdid it a bit, and am still paying for it. Morning sickness and long days in the sun just don't mix well.

Here's a shocker, I didn't take any pictures. I took maybe five. That's it. I had to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and holding two little people's hands, no energy left over for picture taking. Which is fine. I was enjoying the moment(s) with my kids.

Ainsley sat and watched the ENTIRE Shamu show without blinking. Isaac laughed through the ENTIRE Sea Lion show. We all liked feeding the dolphins. The kids were too afraid to pet the dolphins. . . as soon as they saw the teeth, but you better believe Mike and I took advantage.

Off to go take a quick nap while the kids are playing. Although I don't know if ten minutes counts as a "real" nap. But I will take it! Just want to throw this out there, the kids and I wouldn't make this nine months without Michael. He is playing Mr. Dad and Mr. Mom these days, and hasn't complained once. What a champ!