Where the Wind Comes Sweepin'

I admit, the kids and I are rarely "up and at 'em" before 8 o'clock on any given morning. Yesterday I woke up early. I thought about going back to sleep, but I knew it was going to be too good of a day to waste on extra sleep. The hint of sunshine peeking through my bedroom blinds told me so. After the sun spoke to me, I got up and decided to head to the store, and get my shopping done before the kiddos were up for the day.

I love making shopping lists. There are times when I stray from those lists. Yesterday was one of those days. Walking past the toy aisle, I remembered my kids were running out of play dough. I found the play dough and into the cart it went. Then I thought, bubbles could be fun, so into the cart they went. That's when my eye caught the "travel toys". That's when it happened. I decided right then and there we were going on a road trip. Right now.

I got a few "travel toys", paid for my purchases and went home to pack up the family. I knew exactly where we would go, but it was going to be a surprise for them.

Have you seen the Disney-Pixar movie Up? I took the kid's to see it Friday. We loved it. To quote the movie: "The wilderness must be explored!" That was exactly my plan. To explore the wilderness.

We went to the Arbuckle Wilderness Zoo, in Davis Oklahoma. You drive through the "wilderness", and the animals come up to your car and you feed them special food. I can't remember a time this past year, where I have laughed so hard, for so long.

Isaac giggled so hard from the emus and ostriches I thought he would wet his pants. I laughed so hard from him laughing so hard, I feared the same for my pants. Yet, as hard as I was laughing on the outside I was crying on the inside. Those birds scared me. They were crazy. They would stick those long necks clear across my body and reach the middle console, where we had our cups of food sitting, and try to rip the cups out of our hands. My vote is crazy.

The llamas didn't make a good impression on Ainsley.
Nor did the donkeys. She insisted they were trying to eat her. Come on now, who could resist this smile?
Okay when you put it that way. . . I can see your point.
I think Mike had a soft spot for the zebras. Was pretty amazing to be feeding a zebra out of the palm of your hand.
My pick of the day. . . drum roll please. . . the giraffes. I have never given much thought to the creature before. Never on my top picks of favorite animals. I have always thought it an interesting, almost awkward kind of animal. Abnormally long neck. Abnormally long, wobbly-looking legs. Two small odd looking horns things on top of it's head. Odd.

I am now 100% in love though. These guys were so gentle, and really just amazing. It was love at first sight for Ainsley. She probably could have fed the giraffes all day. I would have stuck around all day with them too, if I could.

A day WELL SPENT "exploring" the "wilderness". The sun never lies.


Adriane said...

Whoohoo!! Looks like you guys had a blast out there in the "wilderness."

Oklahoma...huh? That sounds pretty far....

We've got a similar set-up here in Camp Verde called "Out of Africa." Folks can drive around the desert (but not in their own vehicle) and see the critters up close and personal--lions, elephants, giraffes...I've got a $10-off coupon for admission...maybe one of these days I'll use it :)

Glad you guys are having fun this summer!!

Adriane said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. That expression on Ainsley's face....PRICELESS!! HA! I LOVE IT!

My name is Andrea said...

HOW FUN!!! Love the look on Ainsley's face! I like giraffe's too. I think they are sweet and cute...

I miss when my children were little sometimes.

BandHGardner said...

Wow. You have some great pictures. You could totally make a cute children's book.

Brianne said...

What a fun spur of the moment adventure! You got some priceless pictures for sure!

Lacey said...

FUN! And how nice that your house isn't up before 8am! Elodie is an early riser and is ALWAYS up by 6:30am. Addysen on the other hand will sleep till about 7:30am, if her sister doesn't wake her up!

Those pictures turned out so cute- love the one of Ainsley!

It also reminds me that I need to get up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow and get milk before everyone else wakes up!

sarah said...

That picture of Ainsley is hilarious! I went to a zoo like that as a kid and have always wanted to go back. What a fun family adventure!

Deanna Semendoff said...

I'm jealous, what a fun family outing.

The Nelsons said...

You give me hope Brooke! Giving up candy will not be as hard as giving up soda. My week w/out it was long! Seriously it never seemed to end. But I pushed through and as time goes by it is getting much easier.
Oh and by the way, I can't believe you came to Oklahoma and didn't tell me! OK so you weren't quite in Tulsa, but I'm glad you had fun. I think Faron and I need to go visit this Zoo.

Tiffini said...

Way fun ... and I am way jealous! I've been craving a zoo trip. SLC has one, it's just a matter of planning when to go ... maybe I'll just watch for the sun to peek through my blinds, too.


Bethany said...

That is so cool! We have a similar place (or so I hear) here in VA that I have wanted to go to...now I'm inspired to really go! LOL

Janette said...

Dude. I'm going to have to copy your spontaneous road trip ... except, obviously, ours won't be so spontaneous. Ryan would love that place!! So would Gary!! You're a genius!

TheReadFam said...

SOOOO want to go there! Maybe we can squeeze in a trip before school.

Love your little girls eyes btw! BEATUIFUL!!! I bet they are a dream to photograph!