I feel like to say we went hiking was somewhat of an exaggeration. Because we walked.  On a hill.  In mountain country. My kids thought it was hiking.  My lungs thought it was hiking.  And according to the dictionary it really was a hike.  See wasn't telling any fibberoo's.  Whew.

verb /hīk/ 
Walk for a long distance, esp. across country or in the woods

Isaac wore a jacket.  Even though it was close to 80 degrees.  Who cares if you are sweating.  Better to be safe than sorry he says.
(See that flower in his hand.  That was for me.  Say it with me now,  ahhhhh.)

Ainsley did not want to hike.  She told me so.  Over and over.  Then she saw the flowers.  And she was in heaven.

If Ainsley was doing it.  Gwen was doing it too.  As much as Gwen pretends to get annoyed by Ainsley.  She wants to be just like her.  Can we get another ahhhh.

And yes.  Gwen wore socks with her sandals. It's hard to get those chubby bubby feet in Tennies.  So she owns sandals.  Solution to hiking with sandals is to add socks.  No?  She  also wore some mighty tight leggings.  They made her derrière look five times bigger.  Leggings and socks with sandals.  If anyone could pull this look off it would be Gwen.   and Please.  Let's get one thing straight.  Gwenny is the only person who can rock this trend.  I know she looks adorable.  But I promise, it's not going to be so adorable on anyone else.  Promise.  But it would be really funny to run into someone in the middle of the woods.  Wearing "the Gwen".  Funny and maybe a little creepy.


Lacey said...

Love the pictures! Addysen is the same way. She can rock a pair of leggings like no one else! And sadly she (along with Elodie) has no bum. So she can wear a size 6 to 12 month leggings just fine. They just look like capris!

Lindsey said...

Nothin' better than some Gwenny Legging booty...NOTHING!!!

Kendra said...

LOL! Oh my goodness- imagining some "creepy" person wearing the same outfit as Gwen made me laugh so hard!

Jess said...

The Gwen looks a lot like the Clara :) except there is baldness and refusal to walk over here. But I love to squeeze her into leggings. Pretty sure I've seen sine rocking the Gwen (and even the Clara!) at Wal-Mart, hehe

Jess said...

That should say "some" not sine...my computer died and my phone thinks it knows what I actually want to type...

Michelle said...

Oh, i have such good memories hiking with your family! Yet another reason to miss Arizona. sigh. That's one thing I love about your family. Always out doing stuff like hiking or tennis, etc. Beautiful pictures...especially the socks with sandals! :)