New Carrot in Town

Guess I am not the only one who misses baby Kerrigan. We have a new baby "Carrot" at our house. Good news is this "Carrot" can handle all of Ainsley's love.


Allison said...

Peach pie filling? I have never heard of that. So I was thinking about it... I wonder if a recipe for a strawberry filling would work, and just put peaches in it instead of strawberries. A Peach mousse sounds kind of good and I have an easy recipe for raspberry mousse. Just use peaches? I just don't know. That's interesting though!

Lindsey said...

We miss you guys too! I am having a hard time entertaining Carrot by myself!
Sorry I haven't called, K is really sick and when she isn't sleeping (me holding her of course), she is crying. Oy vey!

Amanda said...

cute, cute! and that baby is a lot less work:)