I Have a Feeling.

I think I need to clarify, the mess doesn't bother me. It gets cleaned up and put away. Nothing to stress about.

It's actually less work these days. I am more management than actual labor. I have a three year old and five year old that do most of the picking up. It's nice. I am starting to catch on to the 19 kids and counting. I tease. I wish it were that easy.

If you see me looking a little worn and haggard. . . hmm. Maybe not so much haggard. I just looked up the definition. I am not scrawny, slim, slight or thin. Nor am I weak, undersized or frail. I AM a little pale. I am as white as they come. I don't tan. I burn. I like to pretend I have the complexion and beauty of Snow white. Just look past my freckles. Dead ringer.

Oh wait this is right "Showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering" Now I am just being melodramatic.

Life is good.

There is always a mess somewhere. Maybe not always play doh on the piano. Some days is crayon/marker/pen on the walls. My favorite was the day it was permanent marker. {I hide those things things so well, I can't find them. My kids though have some kind of built in detector. That and a certain 3 year old is part monkey. And can climb up anything. There is no safe hiding in our home}. Some days it's flooding the bathroom sink. Other days it's breaking eggs on the floor. Or pouring shampoo and conditioner on the carpet. Or taking my makeup and decorating the bathroom. You know the usual.

You know it's hard work. Raising children.


I wouldn't want it any other way.

**update- today's mess involves a 3 year old eating an entire bottle of vitamins. I think I will start looking haggard very soon.

Although half haggard might be nice. Quick fix get thin plan. No? Maybe taking up running to calm my nerves instead of chocolate would help there. . .


Lacey said...

I loved your post below! It's not often enough that I take pictures of the mess....thanks for the reminder!

Chelsea said...

Oh crazy little monkey!!!

I love your honesty. It's how all..okay MOST of us are...we just don't blog it.
Love you!!

Amanda said...

aaahhh! I can so hear ya...and I have one less than you. I think it's so true. We all go though that. I just don't have the time/energy to blog it! And yeah I'd love to go exercise BY MYSELF.....but I can't do that and I can eat chocolate....so I do. And I will do it right now with a diet dr.pepper cause L is not napping today:(

Teddy said...

Race ate half a bottle of Flinstone's when he was 3 or 4. I couldn't help thinking the gal from Poison Control was having a laugh when I called in a panic...and self inflicted guilt. She kept telling me I wasn't a bad mom (thank you Poison Control Lady for the therapy).

Lara said...

We understand.

It isn't easy, but it is worth it. I love how you keep things real.

A whole bottle of vitamins! Ack!

katherine said...

Tommy thinks the vitamins are candy, thankfully he's never gotten hold of them. Also I think I need to turn to running instead of chocolate as well. I ran with Ethan over the summer and who knew I actually don't mind running (at least the thought of running doesn't make me want to run and hide somewhere like I did in my high school days).