Baby Steps.

Oh. My. 

The cheeser
The dimples
The cheeks
The rolls
The tooshie

I don't know which is making me smile more.

Picnik collage-3

Picnik collage-2

She is only taking a few steps at a time.  I think five is her current record. Does this mean she is a toddler now??  Someone please tell me no!

I am going to miss her little stink bug crawl, but those weeble wobble baby steps are pretty darn cute.  Okay let's just be honest here.  Everything about her is cute.  Beyond cute. That's just how my baby girl rolls.

Picnik collage-5


sarah said...

Ok she totally looks like a big girl standing there, how did she get to be so big and I have not even met her ?
Oh and I love her Kate hair :)

Lindsey said...

You better start preparing that tooshy to get lots of pinches when I come out there this summer!!!