The Sun is hot, It Burns all Day.

I have been wound a little tight the past few days.  Stressed out is putting it mildly.  I know if I don't like being around me right now, I can only image how everyone else in the family feels.

I declared it was a vitamin D sorta of day.  You know since the clouds have finally lifted and the storms have passed.  Perfect weather for some sunshine pick me up.

Always a bad idea.  Always.

You see I am as white as they come.  Blinding white really. 

And now ...

I am as red as they come.

Less than an hour in the sun and I look like a lobster.  Not quite the pick me up I was looking for.

Mike informed me I had been outside about 15 minutes.  Whaaaaaat?  This burned?  15 minutes?  Not cool.  Not cool.


allenaim photography and design said...

Oh NOOOO! That stinks big time...

Chelsea said...


love you miss you

Amanda said...