Icky Sicky.

This poor baby has been sick.  Like very very sick.  For 2 weeks.  Maybe 3. . . or longer.  I have lost track.  Raging fever for two of those weeks.  She rarely got out of bed.  Ate almost nothing.  Horrendous cough.  Which would make her gag, and you know what.  Hives broke out sunday.  Everywhere.  And then magically were gone.

Today was the first day she felt good enough to come outside.  I think she has only fallen asleep twice today.  HUGE for how sick she has been. 

She's not in the clear yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope (knock on wood).  Pretty Please.  With a cherry on top.

Little Miss is skin and bones now.  Not that she was big to begin with, but the lack of meat right now. . .it's sad really.

Mike and Isaac have been sick.  Just no where near as sick as Missy Moo.  Here's to hoping this nasty virus has packed his bags and left. Gwen and I have been spared.  And would like to keep it that way.

*yes she runs around without clothes.  All.of.the.time.  Everyone within a two mile radius of our house knows that.   Just fact here people.  Most neighbors thank us that she wears her undies... now.   Come on, we do have some class.
**and in case you are reading this and think we are straight up crazy (we are).  She wears clothes.  Skirts mostly.  She has real issues with pants/shorts.  But keeping those clothes on her...that's the tricky part.  It's all about picking our battles with this one.  Come meet her.  You will understand.

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Janie said...

oh bless her little heart!!! I hope she is well and going for second helpings soon!