So It Continues

This is what we woke up to this morning:
(hard to see but every single blade of grass is covered in ice.)

The art of eating an icicle:

1. Reach for the ice covered tree branch.
2. Break off the best looking icicle.
3. Now give that icicle a good lick.
4. Mmm. That hits the spot.
5. Forget licking. Just chomp it up.
6. Scope out the area for more tasty icicles. Then REPEAT.

He enjoyed the ice too. Not quite as much as his sister. But enough to go back for more!


Lisa said...

lol - gotta love this weather!

BandHGardner said...

I don't envy you. It's cold here in Houston, but not that bad. Brent and I experienced a serious ice storm in Iowa. It's so fascinating!

The Miller's said...

Tennessee is the same way. One day its 80s next day its snowing. I guess that why everyone stays sick.

Mariley Johnson said...

Strange Texas weather, right? One day it's soo HOT and I can hardly stand it, because it's January! The next day it's FREEZING cold and I wish so badly that I had a fire place!
I love your photos!

peachytiffers said...

I love how you tell stories with your pictures. I just saw icicles like that on Carolyn Matthews' blog. So pretty!

sarah said...

That tree looks so neat covered in ice. What is it with little kids and eating ice? Haha, funny kids.

Adriane said...

Oh how lovely, nothing like a good 'ole midwestern ice storm to break up life's monotony!

As a kid, I loved those ice storms...but as a street legal adult, that's a another story.

Anyways, love the pics! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year's!