That's Right

What do you do in the winter time. . . when the temperature is 80 degrees?

I can tell you what we do, our family makes a spur of the moment decision to visit the Zoo.

His favorite exhibit:
Her favorite exhibit:
Can you guess why HE loved this one so much?

Yup. It's a frog, and it's RED!

Always a crowd pleaser. The train ride.
And that's what we do in the wintertime. . . when the temperature is 80 degrees!


Lacey said...

Holy 80 degrees! You guys are warmer than Arizona right now! Aren't you suppose to be getting snow? Didn't you last year?

The zoo is so fun. we definitely need to go before it warms up!

Kim Skinner said...

you always take such great pictures!

BandHGardner said...

That is an incredibly creative post! Loved reading it.

peachytiffers said...

I've said it before, but you take amazing pictures!

Adriane said...

Okay, it's official...I AM SOOO ENVIOUS of your picture-taking skills (not to mention your bow hunting skills and sweet dance moves).

I absolutely loved that picture of Isaac with his reflection in the glass...so pro!The next family get-together, I nominate you the official photographer.

One question: Can you make 23 year olds look as flawlessly cute as 4 year olds? If yes, then I further nominate you MY official photographer.


Miguel (Cadiz-Spain) said...

Hi there,morty!! you both have wonderfull kids. No se pero me recuerdan a su papa. Sorry,said don`t know why but they remind me their daddy