Birthday Boy.

Today my boy is six. yes Ainsley and Isaac are two days shy of being exactly two years apart. sweet. right? I couldn't ask for a more perfect first child. He is eager to please. Her is a quick learner. And one smart boy. He loves his sisters. He takes such good care of them, and me. How lucky am I?

He is such a stud. Look at him work the camera. He's been doing it since the day he was born. Happens to work out perfectly for me {wink}.

My boy. The ham. Always knows how to make us laugh. Always.

Stop it right now. The dimples. They get me every.single.time.

His face is one I have to refrain from covering in smooches. Daily. Good thing I got lots in when he was a babe. Don't tell him though. He gets mad. After all he is six. It's not cool. Having mom kiss you all of the time.

Happy Birthday Isaac Boy. I sure do love you.


sarah said...

Ahhhh...Happy Birthday! Love all the pictures :)

Courtney said...

Holy moly!! I can't believe how much Gwen looks like him when he was a baby!!!

Lyndsay Winters said...

Both of your birthday kids are beautiful. I am so jealous that every picture you have of them is perfect. Whatever. :)

Lyndsay Winters said...

Oh, and seeing ASU East Housing in the background of some of the pics totally makes me miss living there.

Craig's Writings said...

Happy Birthday little fella! Same day as my sister!
As always, awesome pics!

On another note... where did you go? Get at me.

peachytiffers said...

Fun to see him all small again like I remember him!