My little pound puppy is two today.

{sniff sniff}
I still call her my baby.
But she is not a baby anymore.
She is very much a two year old.
In every sense of the word(s).

She loves
dancing. singing. baking.
hanging out with the big kids.
changing her shoes 20 times a day.
popsicles. cucumbers. zucchini.
shopping. talking on the phone.
being outside. bike rides. bubbles.
playing with daddy.  snuggling with mommy.

she adores brother and sister.  they adore her.
she has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger.
 I am sure this goes without saying...  but I love my little girl to pieces!

*forgive the hair covering her eyes.  oh how i wish i got this shot with her hair pulled back.  but i didn't.  oh well.  i still love the picture. and i still want to suck those cheeks off.  just like i wanted to, 2 years ago.


Mariley Johnson said...

Well isn't your pound puppy on those mattreses the cutest thing?!

Brian & Monica said...

Holy Cuteness!! Gwen is so adorable. Love her cute face, her deep blue eyes, her blonde hair... Happy Birthday Gwen!

sarah said...

Happy birthday Gwenny!

Teddy said...

I love the picture of her on the matresses. So cute!

Amanda said...

LOVE the bed idea! Great pic's! And she is adorable:)

Michelle said...

so cute!!! like everyone else, luv the princess and the pea shot :)

Lacey said...

So cute! Hope she had a fun day of celebrating! Cute pictures too! But my question is where the heck did you get all of those mattresses!