Basically They're Crazy

Or maybe they just make me crazy. . .

Here's their latest thing.

Climb up my dresser (they are part monkey).

Jump off the dresser. (maybe part spider monkey).

Land on the bed.

No joke.

Then the boy does this thing where he lands on his feet, does a flip and lands on the other side of the bed.

Scares me.

Is it bad that it's entertaining as well. . . probably until they get hurt. . .

Mike caught it on film, and by film I mean digital camera!

Crazy kids.

And this my friends is what happens when mom is not feeling so hot, and the kids are allowed to run amuck. Time to find a new activity for the Monkeys.

Couple sidenotes:

** yes, Isaac dresses himself and decided to wear his swim trunk and shirt on a cold very cold fall day!).

** yes, Ainsley is not dressed. I can barely get myself dressed let alone her. She's cool with it though!

** yes, I was potty training her and she was just about good. . . then I got sick. . . and I gave up a little. When I am not spending my entire day hanging over the toilet we will start again finish up.


Lara said...

Man. I know how that goes. Right down to the potty training being thwarted.

And holy cow Isaac jumps high! At least they're having fun (I guess).

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Deanna said...

Clothes are only important if you're leaving the house..so they're all good. And you're teaching them to be independant, dress themselves, play by themselves maybe even feed themselves. Good job mom!

Mariley Johnson said...

Jens always wantes to wear his swim shorts! Always. I have to hide them, along with anything else he probably shouldn't wear!

Those pictures are crazy funny! The one of Ainsley getting some air...so funny!

Sorry to hear that you're still miserable.

Lindsey said...

Getting dressed is SOOOOO over-rated! Spider monkeying, however, is NOT!!! Love those monkey's...Kerrigan was laughing at those cousins of hers, she loved the pictures!

Bethany said...

LOL how random is this?! I have pictures of my kids jumping off a console table onto the couch that I was going to post, and then I come upon this. Just make sure that dresser is bolted to the wall! My friends little girl pulled hers down right on top of her last week. Yikes!