The Time it Rained.

My favorite 3 year old
An adorable dress
Her favorite bunny
Perfect silhouette opportunity

Brother got in on the action
for 5 seconds
Then it rained.

Not just rain. . .
It's a shame I couldn't run
hold the baby
and the camera
in flip flops
while it was pouring.
That would have been awesome.

This is all I got.
Once we were safe in the car!

Then we drove to the "duck" pond.
where 2 kids + daddy ran in the rain downpour.
Gwen and I opted to watch.
In the dry, warm car.

The end.


Lori Thompson said...

cute, cute, cute pictures! Did you get the message on FB about sening them in for a contest?

Michelle said...

those are adorable! i love the pictures of the soaked baby! i'm always amazed at how sharp and clear your pictures look. you picked the perfect silhouette picture too. i love it!

debrajo said...

I love it!

Lacey said...

Super cute!