Something Old, Something New

Whitney tagged me with a wedding tag. I am not a big "tag" person, but I love this one. I love looking at beautiful brides! I don't know about you, but I really felt like the most beautiful woman alive, on my wedding day!
Mike and I were married on Feb 6, 2004, in the Mesa, AZ temple.
Something most people don't know about our wedding day. . . I was so sick. I think it was about two days before the wedding when my body started aching, and I had a high fever, chills, sore throat. Mono was going around in the elementary school where I worked at the time, and you guessed it, I caught it! I remember the night before my wedding, wanting so bad to help set up for the reception, but feeling so feverish and beyond tired. My throat felt like it was swelling shut. So I slept instead.

Our wedding day, I was tired, but adrenaline kicked in and I felt pretty good. By the end of our reception, I felt just as bad as I had the previous night. Oh it was bad. Then it got worse. Mike got it, and bad enough to be put in the hospital. His Mono turned into Mono Hepatitis. . . meaning it went into his kidney's. I know most of you have seen this picture, but here is a few days after he came home from the hospital (he was in a week). Talk about jaundice!
And there you have the first month of our lives together.
So now I am supposed to tag people. Since I want EVERYONE to do this I am tagging everyone! POST A PICTURE of your wedding day with you AND your husband. Tell anything you want about that day!

Here are a few names to make sure at least someone does it !

Sarah R. and T.
Janette (you know it's only fair I hear SOME of your story!!)


Matt, Whitney and Grant said...

Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! I remember you guys got sick. Bless your heart. I still have your guys wedding invite in one my photo boxes =)

Lara said...

I can never get over that picture! It looks like someone took a highlighter to his eyes!

Lacey said...

I remember seeing that pictures for the first time and not thinking it was real! Crazy!

You were a beautiful bride! Now what am I suppose to do with that tag? Just post something people wouldn't know about our wedding day?

Lisa said...

Omgosh! Before i read it I thought he had contacts in for Halloween or something! lol

shahna said...

That is the saddest story! You look absolutely beautiful! It's hard to imagine you were sick.

I will try to find a pic to post.

How fun.

Bethanne said...

Yikes! That sure does make your honeymoon memorable. hee hee. But, yep, you are gorgeous!

I'm with you though...I love reading other's tags, but I'm HORRIBLE at doing them!

Juli said...

You look so pretty! I felt so sick the day I got married too:(

Jill Rosenhan said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea you two were that sick! You have two great stories from meeting each other and the first month of marriage! :) I almost died laughing at the meeting story.. We aren't creeps, we just know what we want! Lol!

Thanks for the b-day wishes! Your kids are the cutest! The pumpkin patch pictures are awesome! I saw Brian(your bro in law) at church last week.. it was crazy, I can't believe he is home! Have a great rest of the week! :)

Janette said...

I love your wedding pic! ADORABLE!

I'll try to post something soon ... since we are the ones that DIDN'T meet in prison. lol.