Halloween Style

Today we worked on the letter E. Isaac's best written letter to date. Today's crafts have nothing to do with the letter though. Instead we worked on some Halloween Decor.

Hard at work.
Here is "Lincoln-stein" according to Isaac.

Ainsley got in on the action today too. Love the undies. . . for some reason her my little pony or princess panties don't cut it for her. She is all about wearing brothers instead.

Found this house and tree at Hobby Lobby, and then Isaac and Ainsley added some fun stickers.
I never posted last Friday's projects, so here they are. The letter was D. So we made a Dinosaur Mural. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture before Ainsley, started ripping the dinosaurs off.

Our color was blue. I drew ocean scenes on coffee filters, and Isaac painted them blue to find the fish.

To answer some questions. . . Most of the "projects" we do around here, come from my memories of elementary school. But sometimes I find ideas online, and then alter them so that they fit my needs. The beauty of the internet. So many wonderful ideas out there!


Brianne said...

How fun! I seriously don't know how you do it. I tried to do a little project with Ben this morning and we were BOTH frustrated and angry about 5 minutes into it! You're my hero :)

Lacey said...

Very cute- love Halloween!
And I love Ainsley's underwear...don't worry, I grew up in a house full of boys and insisted on wearing my brothers underwear too..racing car undies to be exact..my family still talks about it! I turned out okay right?

Lara said...

Love all the crafts! The wood frankensteins were a great idea!

The Schneider Family said...

I love seeing all the cute things you come up with. I seriously look at your blog everyday just to see what you guys are learning that day! I love it and am still in awe on how big he is getting! Jeep posting, I love it!!

dustyperle said...

I sware brooke you make me feel retarded! I look at your site and think how your crafts/school with your son is so amazing and how I could never be a cool mom to get it all together like that. So I am wondering where do you get all of this. Did you go to school to be a kindergarden teacher or are you just that cool. I know your posts say that you get them off the net but you are so organized with it. Please tell me where to start and what your cheat sheet is. Love ya gal.