Oh. . . the day of love.

I know, I know valentines day was so 3 days ago.
I always plan a sibling photoshoot.
I forgot.
Well not completely.
We made it outside 30 minutes left in the daylight.
On Monday.
Just clothes from the closet.
No buying fancy props.
This is what I got.

These pictures reek of love.
Don't ya think???

Okay they smell a little more like monkeys.
And of unhappy baby.
That's life.

Here's to better planning.
And trying again.
Next year.


sarah said...

Ummm...I love Gwen's outfit! Looks like a photo shoot of my kids :) Good try.

Lindsey said...

What is Gwen wearing?!?! I love it, but am wondering what previous occasion occurred which resulted in that outfit just laying around in her closet : )

Brooke said...

Her outfit was a christmas present from grandma m!

debrajo said...

I agree with you. These photos "reek" of love. :) Honestly, it's beauty and love at its FINEST. Way to be for capturing life in such a wonderful way. You are a great mom, btw.

I saw your post on my blog & you asked for my exact exercise schedule. Honestly, I have had a very haphazard schedule. I go when someone can workout with me, so that can mean almost any time of the day. I have had weeks where I've worked out at 5:30 am with a group, or 6 in the evening before dinner because that's when a partner could run with me. I have a bunch of different little connecttions I've made with people who have similar goals and I cram it in when I can. Hope that helps. Probably doesn't, though. : ) I found that I'm a social work-out person...I'm more committed when I have someone else I'm working with. It's so hard, though....I've also found that mentally I need some sort of change after about 6 weeks. So for a month or two, I will do a work out video series with friends, and then for another couple months I'll do an email weigh in thing, and then I'll be really good at calorie counting for a few weeks, and so it goes until I see progress and hit another wall...then I change it up again. Weight loss is such a pain, and I feel your pain...I'm still working to lose about 20 more pounds. : ) You're one of the first work out partners I had once I got married. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! DON'T GET DISCOURAGED, AND REMEMBER YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, INSIDE AND OUT! Hugs!

peachytiffers said...

I can smell the love.