Mothers Who Know

I have been trying to sit down and type this for awhile. Even before conference. . . but as luck would have it my children have not cooperated. I have also had a few other things on my mind (see previous post regarding medical insurance).

I have a dear friend who has had many (major) struggles with her boys. The oldest is my age, the youngest is 17. These boys are like brothers to me, and it has been hard for me to watch them fall, and succumb to worldly pressures. It breaks my heart every time I talk to their mother , to hear her express her concerns and the challenges. She wonders where she went wrong, or when/if they will change their lives around. Her worries have become my own, not only for her boys, but for my own children as well.

I have worried watching Isaac and how frustrated he becomes (over the tiniest of things), and daily pray to know how to help him deal and overcome his frustrations.

I am sitting here trying to write the words, but nothing is coming. A small part of that is I am a little stressed with Isaac's procedure that will be done in two days, and dealing with this insurance. The biggest part is conference is over and I am at peace. So many GREAT talks. I LOVED loved LOVED the Sunday morning session. Every single talk had answers to prayers. Since we have DVR with our satellite, I have been able to go back and watch one talk at a time.

I know there will be struggles and hardships as I raise my children. I now have a stronger resolve to do the things that will better myself as a parent.

I am so blessed to have such sweet children. They are more often the better examples around our home (really don't know if that sentence is worded right, but "y'all" get the idea!)

1. The other night Michael was putting Isaac to bed, and he fell asleep instead. Isaac comes wandering back into the living room. I ask him what he is doing awake. He looks at me so innocently and says "Mom, we didn't say our prayers." Ouch. We knelt together, said our prayers, and he went to bed and right to sleep without any argument. Talk about a humbling experience.

2. A couple days ago I was so frustrated with Isaac, and Ainsley both. They hadn't been sleeping well at night, weren't taking very good naps. Not a good combination to have cranky, sleepy kids, and a grumpy, sleepy mom! I got after Isaac for waking up Ainsley (I had finally got her to go down for a nap). I felt horrible about it after, and went to talk to him. I first apologized for being upset, and let him know I am learning and trying to be a better mom. He tells me "Mom I know. I will help you. I love you. You are my best."


Lacey said...

It is extremely stressful to be a mom and worry about your kids! It's hard sometimes not to just live for today and let things fall in to place as they should! Keep your chin up!

P.S- I didn't know you guys had DVR..it's the best right?!?!

sarah said...

You are right, it is hard to watch people take that hard road, even worse to imagine your children stumbling along the way. Gosh Hunter is only 3 months old and I have already decided he needs to live with me forever! Then maybe I can protect him...

Tina said...

I love sweet little boys! Don't you wish they would stay that way forever? I sympathize with your friend. It's got to be hard to watch your kids struggle and wonder where you went wrong. When in reality- after all you can do, your kids still have their agency. Yikes.

The Tate's said...

Lucky girl to be able to watch conference over and over. I loved it! It is so hard to see people struggle in life. I thought Issac's comments were so sweet and cute!

JenW said...

good job, little mother. we are all just doing our best and we were sent sweet children to help teach us how to be their parents...pretty ironic sometimes. i'm jealous of your DVR....sounds awesome.