Music and More

I finally added my music play list to the bottom of my blog! Thanks for introducing me to Regina Spektor, Bucky!!

Also some of you have been asking about my photography class. It is online with Amber Ludlow. I am learning a lot. Honestly though you guys are too nice. I still have A LOT to learn, and LOTS of practicing to do. I get lucky with my pictures. Some turn out really good, but most of the time not so good :) That's where the practicing comes in. My goal is to figure out how to work my camera and in time upgrade, which will make all the difference in my pictures.


Lacey said...

Thank heavens for a digital camera-could you imagine how much money was wasted on film! UGH! Lots of deleting saves money! Thanks for the link! Alacey

emily said...

okay, i just wrote you like the longest comment of my life, and it wouldn't let me post it, so let me try this again!
you are so funny!! i do not think you are a weirdo...hello, i blog surf all day long! thanks for the kind words about my work...it's my hobby, for sure!
and amen about the germs sista! i hate them!! ahhh, i feel like i am always on germ radar, everywhere i go. i feel like i can see them!!! it's 100 times worse, now that i have kids! i will destroy all the germs...
and the card thing as a gift is a great idea! i do that everytime i need a gift! i just package 5 to a gift (include envelopes) and i put them in a large clear cello bag from su! then i tie it all together with a pretty ribbon. my family always likes it (at least they tell me they do :) )
so, hope that helps! thanks again for checking out my blog!
and by the way...love the music...regina spektor is stinkin' crazy! and i love it!

marci said...

Alright...I LOVE the pics you have taken of your kids. They are adorable. I love Ainsley's headband...so cute! I've got to have at least one girl just so I can dress them up in cute headbands! Also...I LOVE the music on your playlist. Love that Colbie singer. I just heard her for the first time on the radio. Good tunes!