All at the Soccer Game

We went and watched Mike play soccer (with his work team) today. Isaac was a little bummed about not being able to play with the big boys. Wait, did I say "little". He wouldn't drop the subject the entire game. Luckily they only play two 20 minute halves.

Three milestones for Ainsley were noted at the soccer game. Well two and a half. First we will start with the half. She started waving yesterday. I was thinking maybe it was a fluke, but it wasn't. She waved at everyone we passed, and if they waved back she got so giddy. So cute.

Ainsley also started clapping today. She LOVES playing pattycake, but doesn't ever clap on her own. Then today at the game everyone started clapping (for a goal Mike scored) and she clapped. She continued clapping much of the game.

I also noticed, while at the game, that two little teeth are poking through. They are her two bottom teeth. Just barely poking, and you can only see them if the light hits just right. They can definitely be felt. Big girl!


Mortensen Family said...

Hi Brooke! Of course I remember you. =0) I think the last time I saw you we were visiting your ward.
your kiddos are so stinkin cute!
I think there is a Wilkins reunion on the 20 of October. We will see you there if you are going. It is down in Lehi. Anyway, do you mind if I add you on as family to my blog list?
I will talk to you soon! -Fawn-

Lacey said...

Love the flower bow Brooke and the new pic of Ainsley and Isaac! I can't believe how big Ainsley is getting! She is such a cutie!

Matt-Whitney said...

your kids are so DANG cute!!!!!!! Love the pictures.

Trejo Family said...

How cute! I can't believe how big she is. That picture is awesome Brooke. You captured the catch lights in her eyes perfectly.

Kami said...

Anderson just got his first 2 teeth and he wasn't happy about it! She is so cute!

Lara said...

Brooke...just wanted to let you know I think your photography has really gotten good! Amazing what just a bit of know how does, eh?

Great catchlights and overall lighting on this particular one of Ainsley.

Which class are you taking, BTW? Just curious.

The Tate's said...

She is so cute! So I officially need to take a photography class. That is such a great picture. Nice work!