How to Keep a 2 Year Old Still

As you can see from Michael's post below Isaac's procedure went good. He woke up faster than they thought he would. He was waking up before he was even into recovery. All of the nurses were very impressed that he never really cried or made any noise. He was cuddling with a nurse when they brought us in. After that he sat on Mike's lap and kind of whined and whimpered, mostly because of the IV in his foot. After they took that out he was fine.

We were told that he would probably sleep most of the day, and he would probably not have much of an appetite. Well he was FURIOUS that we tried to keep him down, and the boy was starving. I know most of you won't appreciate this, but a few will. He had a turkey and cheese sandwich, three rolls, two bowls of ice cream, one Popsicle, one smoothie, and two bowls of spaghetti O's. This all within a five hour period.

I also went on a little grocery run, and he wanted to go so bad, we made it a family outing. So the picture below is him on the carousel outside of the store. Way to keep him down all day huh?!

While the nurses were telling me the "rules" for when we get home, I just sat there and nodded my head. Really I was thinking "How do you keep a two year old still. . . all day? How do I get a PICKY two year old to only eat liquids (something to do after the anesthesia, not the teeth )?" So in the end we had Isaac watch a movie, and just avoided hard play. I let him eat anything he wanted, that wasn't hard or crunchy.

I definitely saw some prayers answered yesterday. Isaac was so brave, and recovered so quickly. Thank you everyone for your prayers!


The Tate's said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went well. He sounds like such a brave little boy. Honestly I have no idea how anyone can keep a 2 year old still all day. I am sure you are so glad it is over. Yea!

sarah said...

Good to hear that everything went well! How his teeth will look great for your new family picture.

Matt-Whitney said...

I know your glad that whole deal is over. Bless his heart he was starving. I would be too when you cant eat for 10 hours before surgery or something like that.

Trejo Family said...

I am so glad it went well. I have been thinking about you guys alot. Tell Isacc his is one brave little man. *Ü*