For the Family

These next couple posts, will probably bore most. But Grandma's and Grandpa's will love them!

The night before Christmas. . . .

First look. . . YEAH SANTA CAME!

Let the unwrapping begin. . .

(Isaac's response to every single gift was "oh my goodness, I can't believe it! Just what I always wanted!")

Ainsley loved her gifts too, but took a little too long for Isaac's liking, so he opened most of hers too. She didn't mind a bit. She was just as excited watching him open her presents. She wanted to study each gift, and unwrapping them just got in the way. Isaac and Ainsley make a great team."

Our little ROCK STARS (we jam out to jonas brothers around here)!
check out those dimples!



Lisa said...

VERY cute!

The Miller's said...

LOVE THE JAMMIES!!!! Where did you get those so dang cute!!! Merry Christmas. I really want to come see you guys.

Reisner's said...

Those were way cute, I love Ainsley's hair.