Look who is reading!

As I have taught him to read, I wonder often, very often. . . who came up with words like comb or know? Way too many words are not pronounced the way they are spelled. Or how there are words like: Two, To and Too that are spelled differently but said the same, but have different meanings. Wow.

It is a miracle that I have been able to teach this little guy to read. A miracle I tell you!

He is a bookworm through and through.

Takes me back to a time when I would read all night long, way past "lights out". I thought I was so sneaky with my flashlight. I am now 99.9% sure my mom knew all along. Mom's know everything. It's a fact. I know. I am a mom.

Check out my reader. Seriously love it!

Someone woke up from nap time, so we added one more to the scene.

This is what happens near the end of reading time. Chaos.


Who came up with the word chaos anyway?


The Miller's said...

Love the pictures!!! SO cute in black and white!

Jami Nato said...

i can't wait until my little guy starts reading...does that mean they can start reading you your mail and magazines? ha.

Amanda said...

k...if he is already reading Magic Tree house he is gonna rock Kindergarten!

emily said...

yah for reading! isaac is a little caedmon :) he is finishing up the last one in the series!

love these pics, brooke :)

Lindsey said...

Such a big boy!!!

Michelle said...

i luv that last pic...the face ur making is priceless. i luv ur weekly challenge to get pics with u in them every week. it's inspiring. i'm always behind the camera or too frumpy for a picture. we missed u guys this last week. i keep telling chad about mike cuz they have some similar interests....music, bands, song writing, & soccer :)

debrajo said...

GREAT JOB teaching him to read! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!