A summer thunderstorm at 8 o'clock at night. . . and it's light enough to take pictures. I love it!

If you caught it in my hand-me-down post, I used to want to be a meteorologist. I always ran outside to play if it was raining. Always. Even as a teenager. Barefoot and splashing in the street water gutters. Those were the days. The only thing that would take me inside was the hail.

I love the rain. It's the only kind of water I like to play in. I hate hose water. Too cold. If you want to hear me yell, spray me with a hose. It's not pretty. I don't like public pools. Gross. I am terrified of the ocean. Lakes, ponds and streams. Only if I can see my feet at the bottom.

Point is I love the rain. So I am totally that mom who will take her kids out at 8 o'clock at night, to dance in the rain, and splash in the puddles.


Amanda said...

those pictures are wonderful:) I love her outfit and umbrella and all the matchy, matchy pink!

Michael said...

I approve of this post.
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Lara said...

Okay. I am in love with the pink polka dots.

So freaking adorable.

Lacey said...

I love the night gown and rainboots! I would have bought both with the hope of shooting in the rain! Super cute!

Michelle said...

soo soo cute! i love all these new pics u posted. are you still using the same editing finishes on your photos or did you get something new? i wanna try out this look? you have a style that i love. i feel like i like a lot of styles and dapple around with several different finishes and haven't found one that i could call my own. does that make sense? i just feel ecclectic.

Craig's Writings said...

Brooke... that first picture in the rain is GOLD! Print, frame, hang.