Eye spy.

We have three blue eyes in our family. Mmmm. I love blue eyes.

We also have three brown eyes. Oh how I love chocolaty brown eyes.

One of those chocolaty brown eyes has been changing. Turning hazel, maybe green. Mike and I have hazel eyes. You never know what color they are going to be. Some days brown, some days green.

You guessed it. I love hazel eyes too. Even the frowning kind.


Janette said...

Way cute, Brooke. Ainsley's eyes are so cool. xoxo.

K.J.D.L said...

Brooke! Your kids are super adorable. I have never met the girls! Hopefully that can change in the near future :)

Lacey said...

Her eyes get me every time!

Michael said...

I approve if this post.
Sent from my Wii.

Lindsey said...

I am glad this post is Michael approved : )

Everytime I see a picture of Ains's eyes I think of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman- the episode where she has to jump off a waterfall to escape Indians to be exact.

Not sure why, but that is the cold hard truth!