I have a younger sister. Two of them actually. But only one of them really had to wear all of my hand-me-downs. It bothered me. A lot really. Not because she had to wear my old used clothes, but because she wore MY old used clothes.

Take a look back at our Elementary School pictures. We are wearing the same exact outfits. My special kindergarten dress, became her special kindergarten dress. So on and so on for most of our elementary years. I don't think it bothered my sister. Let's be honest, your older sister is always cool, and you want to be just like her. Right Linds? Don't lie, you know it's true.

Like remember the time you said you wanted to be a vet, or a weather girl. Just like me. Except you hated animals, and storms scared you! It used to make me mad. I love it now though. I am honored that someone liked me enough to want to be just like me.

Today I put Gwen in an Ainsley hand-me-down. And so it begins. If you ask me though, I don't think Gwenyth could find a better person to look up to. And I promise you Ains, some day you will love it!

Ainsley 2007

Gwen 2010


Lindsey said...

I think the ultimate was when you let me wear your silk button up shirt for picture day in middle school...YEOWZA, did I look good : )

Lacey said...

So cute!!! Those cheeks are record book Brooke!

Michayle said...

I think about the hand me down thing all the time. I didn't have any sisters and so, I am not sure what it is like. I did get some of my cousins' hand me downs, but I didn't know them very well and didn't live near them. I try to buy Gillienne some of her own outfits just to liven things up, but I am wondering how the teen years will go. That is when I figure that the girls are really going to care.

Michelle said...

wow. look at the cheeks on that thing. i think she fills everything out a little better than her older sister :) or maybe she just carries her weight all in her face. i just wanna pinch those chubby cheeks!!

dustyperle said...

seriously love your photo's, This one of your little gwen is precious. My mother and I often think that little babies look like old people. Almost as if you can see how that baby is going to look when they are 90. Congrats on your baby girl! Sure wish we lived closer to each other as our kids are about the same age and match in gender. Luckily for you the house next door is up for rent!!!!