I bought a swing for Gwen. It got here today. I wasted no time putting it together. As in the UPS guy rang the bell and I had it out of the box before he even drove away.

There is a story behind why I want a swing so late in the game, but we'll keep it short and just say I wanted it for nap-time.

There's no hiding the fact that my baby is chunky. Which means the swing has a hard time swinging. But it works. Enough.

And yes, this is two days late (seeing as it's not Thursday), but I am there in the picture. Hidden like Waldo. But there. So I totally am embracing the camera! Kind of.

Ironic how I wanted her to sleep somewhere besides my arms, so I could get a few things done. . . and I can't stop watching her sleep! But gosh darn it, she's just too cute!


emily said...

i see you!

okay, i'm cracking up over your comment on my blog, about ainsley. what a stinker :)

The Miller's said...

SHE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! What a little chubs but I LOVE IT!!

Lacey said...

Cutie Gwen- both my girls loved the swing- Elodie was addicted if you'll remember...we learned our lesson by the time Addysen came along!

And you totally cheated on the ETC Challenge! I'll expect better from you next Thursday! :)
Love ya!

Michelle said...

wow. she is a chunker. i love her cheeks.

sarah said...

Waldo...I don't believe you are in here :)

LaFish said...

Love the swing! Sometimes it is the only way I get things done. Gwen is such a cutie with those cheeks - I really want to squish them. I'm jealous :)