It's Thursday.

Is it Thursday already?! After having baby number three my days seem to run together. I can never remember what day of the week it is. The actual date. . . forget it. No really, I have to check out my google calendar e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y!

Anyway, Thursday means it's time once again to {embrace} the camera. I jumped in and tried to steal the show from little miss and her tummy time. . .

So not going to happen with this little diva! This is before I joined in, relaxed and enjoying the view:
I join in the picture and I get a warning "get out of the picture mom"

But I jump back in, you know just in case the first picture of her and I doesn't work. So she gives me a second (louder) warning "I told you get out of my picture mom!"

After the third time, she was DONE. . . so much for trying to steal her thunder!

P.S. Really she just didn't like me trying to run and jump on the bed before the timer on the camera would go off. Then me jumping back off the bed to restart the camera. I say whatever, shouldn't she be used to it by now. . . she does have an older sister who is part spider monkey! {promise I am not that mean, and picked her up when she got really mad.}

P.P.S. She is just too cute. Even when she's mad.


emily said...

OMG! brooke, i love the pic of you two together, but my favorite is that last one!! her cheeks! i want to squeeze them :)

sarah said...

Poor girl not only is she the 3rd child, but now Mommy is trying to steal her picture glory :) Ok just kidding, I love your idea of actually being in pictures with your kids. Oh and those cheeks need to make their way to AZ for some serious squeezing!