The Hunt is On

The Cousins (plus Miss Lily!) had their own little Easter egg hunt this year. I loved it. The kids loved it. It was perfect.

Here's the crew:

Lily (isn't she a beauty! No wonder Isaac keeps bringing up her name!)

These two pictures crack me up. I caught Bray red handed!

He saw Ains setting down her basket to gather eggs, and he went in for the steal!
He got the goods, and took off! I wish I got Ainsley's mad face chasing after him. Oh my, it was hilarious!

Thank you guys for making our Easter a great one!


Chelsea said...

haha! That is funny!
Cousin time is the best! :)

Juli said...

That landscape looks familiar...were you guys in AZ for Easter?

Heath Hales said...

I love the barren desert easter-scape! and I love to see Lily! Hope you guys had fun at the wedding!

Michelle said...


Lara said...

Looks like so much fun! And even better to spend it with family!

sarah said...

How fun! I love the picture of Brayden running away with both baskets :)

Janette said...

I'm playing catch-up ... as always. Love your pictures! And your kiddos!! xoxo.

katherine said...

I love your photos Brooke, they are wonderful. Easter egg hunts are more enjoyable to watch the older I get. I think kids are so cute looking for all those eggs (and being so protective of them too--ha,ha,ha).

Bethanne said...

You're right...we've definitely got to play again soon (been too long!). I've just got to get back on my meds (I'm so tired of throwing up, you would not believe...22 weeks for heavens sake!) Once that happens we should totally chat! :)

Love the pics BTW...and I can just imagine the chase of Ains after her Easter basket. Leah would've flipped! Jax decided to play b'ball during our egg hunt so I guess he wouldn't of cared... that's why I didn't feel bad eating his candy! :) mwu hahaha

Katie said...

thanks for taking pics, now i need you to send them to me. :)

ps... Sofia