Picking Up the Slack

I am tired, exhausted, worn out. Take your pick. One of the last things on my mind these days is picking up my camera. Sadly there will be a severe gap in the kid's photo albums from the past nine months.

Luckily I have a boy who is a budding photographer. At least there will be some proof (in picture) that we were actually alive!

More proof that she has never stayed clean a day in her life :)

Apparently he knows how to use the timer as well!

Thank you Isaac boy for picking up on my slack!


Michael said...

that's not real! you photoshopped her eyes

The Miller's said...

LOL!!!!! Those are awesome!!!

Harris Family said...

What gems! We love those two! Easter wasn't the same with out you guys here. Hey Do you know what you are having? I don't know if I missed that... What is your due date and all that jazz?

The Nelsons said...

Looks like he is gonna be a natural.

debrajo said...

I didn't even notice that she was dirty until I looked at her fingers. So cute. Why are you so exhausted and tired...oh, maybe because you're a MOM! Hang in there. These are good days & you'll miss it someday.