6 months.

bits and pieces of the past six months...

girls trip to the circus.
boyce thompson arboretum.
 holi powder.
cheering for orson. night cross country run.
working on a movie set.
corn mazes. pumpkins. trains. too strong.
disguise a turkey.
clark kent... in honor of meeting dean cain.
in our christmas jammies.
 making olaf (from frozen) with cousins.
butterfly gardens.
getting lost in mirror mazes.
jumping into the new year.


darcellehall said...

Beautiful pickies Brooke! The story they tell is fun and I love seeing the family unity here xo

Mariley Johnson said...

cool. what movie?
Reminds me of being obsessed with Lois and Clark...

Michelle said...

what's the movie? and how'd you get involved with that?