Have Some Fun

Our weekend review:

1. Isaac finally filled up his Kindness jar. For his prize he chose to go see the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and then to the library. We spent the entire day Friday having some family fun! Got home just in time to get in our costumes and hand out candy (see post below).
2. The past two days my children, along with two boys that live next to us, have spent hours playing in a huge sand mound. hours.

someone needs a haircut
3. Our little twig we planted this past April has started to change colors. Prettiest Charlie Brown of a tree I have ever seen!
4. Whitney tagged me with the photo tag. 5th picture from 5th file. No story to go with the picture. Just Isaac and I playing around with the camera one day.

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Mariley Johnson said...

Hello Brooke. Just stoppin' by and thought I'd tell you that I love the tag photo. Those self-shots are great!