Man, I love this girl, but in just 3 1/2 weeks she has taken me on quite the emotional roller coaster ride.

You know the birth story. I was just told that any other pregnancies I have could now be very high risk. Obviously the key word being *could*. . . but still something to think about.

I found out yesterday that Gwen didn't pass her hearing test. We get to do a more sensitive hearing test in dallas, when I set up the appt. Not something I was excited to hear.

If you look closely at the pictures you can see a red mark on her forehead. That is one of two spots on her face that I have to go see a pediatric dermatologist about. They are looking like the starts of strawberry hemangiomas. She has one more that is not on her face. Currently they are still flat (we just will watch and see how they grow, but they have been growing very fast), just not something that a parent likes seeing on their baby girl's face.

The first two weeks of life, I think I heard her cry a handful of times. She was so quiet. She has changed her tune this week though and has decided if I am not holding her, she is mad. Not that I mind so much. I love snuggling with her, I am just not sure how much longer my back can hold out carrying the chunker around!

But like I said earlier, Man oh Man, I sure love this girl!! Look at the faces she pulls. At least through all of the stress, she already knows how to make me smile!

*make sure to check out all three of my kiddo's below. . . who do you think miss gwen looks the most like?


Audrey said...

What an emotional rollercoaster you're on! Keep praying and trying to get as much sleep as you can. She sure is cute!

emily said...

ugh, hang in there brooke! reading this took me way back to the beginning of kohen's life too...i was all over the place because he was such a hard transition. milo was so easy, so i was expecting kohen to be the same way...totally not that way at all.

seriously...it gets better.

and she is such a mix of your other two!

Minharos said...

She is adorable! I'm sorry for all of the stress. Adeline had some very similar things going on, must be something about that third child.

Good luck!

Chelsea said...

Ah, I love her! Fingers and toes crossed that all is well with the hearing and derm stuff.
Good luck my friend! :)

Michelle said...

oh, what a sweet little angel. i really hope things go well with the dr. appointments. as far as who she looks like, i think she looks like orson more than she does any of your other kids. all your kids have a different look, but i can see the wilkins in little miss gwen.

Lara said...

She is so beautiful.

Good luck with everything. Postpartum is hard enough without all the extra things you're dealing with!