We Tried.

It was hot.
The kids weren't in the mood.
Mama was (and still is!) running on little sleep.
At least we tried.

This little charm sums up our everyday life.
Ainsley doing what she wants, instead of what I ask.
Isaac has better things to be doing than hold the baby.
Gwen's look of "what did I get myself into".
Fun times.


Michael said...


Lindsey said...

I love Ains's face in the last one...she has got that wink DOWN!!!

sarah said...

A for effort. I still can't get a good picture of my kids together :)

Lacey said...

It's tough when you have this vision in your head and it doesn't work out how you want it to. Then you can't stop thinking about it...yeah, I've been there too! Still very cute and very much "reality" which I'm all about....I say blow it up and frame it anyway! You'll love that you captured this picture 5 years from now!

Kara Allred said...

lol. just keep trying. i agree with lacey. the pictures will be priceless.

The Miller's said...

Super cute!!!!!

Deanna said...

Still adorable!

Amanda said...

I say you still got something:) Even if it wasn't the dream picture you had in mind!

Amanda said...

I love the looks;)