Baby Hazel.

Meet Hazel Milan.  
My newest niece. She is absolutely scrumptious.
And because it is my right as an aunt.  
I will say it again.  She is absolutely scrumptious.
8 hours old and I am fairly certain
She already has me wrapped around her little finger.


Donald Kowalski said...

That is 100% certifiably and completely AWESOME!
Congratulations to Brian and Monica and welcome baby Hazel

grannyT said...

Welcome Baby Hazel, you are absolutely perfect. Congrats Brian & Monica. May Heavens blessings continue to be with your little family. You have 2 beautiful little girls. David & Marty Trout

Janie said...

beautiful!!! I would book your ticket in a heartbeat! I do think I have nabbed someone to photograph this birth for me after much searching though - why did you move again??