Nine years ago today, this handsome boy made me a mother.
He is truly one of the most amazing children I know.
He has the biggest heart.  He loves everyone.  And wants everyone to feel loved.
He is Honest. Kind. Smart. Funny. Creative. Wise beyond his years.
There has been times when he has tested my patience to the max...but the moments are so few and far between.  Honestly there are more times when I think, man I hope I can be more like Isaac some day.
He is just a good kid.  I love him more than words can say.  And am thankful every.single.day. that he is my boy.

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debrajo said...

You know what? He is so handsome, but I really do miss his chubby little baby face & baby belly. Could you post a picture of him as a baby on campus? I need a throw-back to the Isaac I remember, haha. :)