i don't know who the wise guy was that told this little girl it was okay for her to grow up so fast.  against my wishes she's doing it anyway.  i know it's so clich√©, but they really do grow up in a blink of an eye. 

i swear it was just yesterday i was kissing those massive pound puppy cheeks of hers.  these days she runs away before i can plant one on her.  and if I am lucky enough to sneak one on her, she wipes it off and says "ewww. do you have to do that on my cheek."  i tell her get used to it.  because the answer will always be yes. always.

she is at such a fun age.  and such a hard age.  she can make me want to scream and then laugh so hard i wet my pants...all in the same breath. as demanding and frustrating she can be though, she still has every.single.one.of.us wrapped around her little finger.  she bats those pretty little eyes and we are all done for.  i kind of love her all the more for it.  sass and all.

*speaking of demanding and temperamental. the flowers were her idea. she was insistent. and then once she saw the finished pictures she says "nah, i guess i really didn't like them that much".  sigh.


Michael said...

Don't forget that she's always "Mommy's baby"!

debrajo said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE her personality! She reminds me of MY 4 YEAR OLD! He is exactly the same way - I always try to kiss his cheeks and he tells me "NOT on the skin! Just on my hair." Being allowed to kiss him on the head is our compromise, because he didn't want any kisses ever, but I told him I'm his mom and he has to let me kiss him sometimes because I love him so much. So he compromised after a long debate. Kids are so cute.