After reading a lot of people's 100 things, and finally having a few minutes to myself I thought I would start my list and see how it goes. . .

One Hundred Things You may Or May Not Know About Me.

1. I HATE bugs, all bugs.

2. When I was young I LOVED bugs and would catch all kinds in jars.

3. I am deathly afraid of the ocean.

4. I love the smell of rain in Arizona.

5. I got a silver medal in a tennis competition in high school.

6. I used to play the viola and piano.

7. I love to read. I have tried to limit myself to reading only before bed and when lying down with the kids for their nap time. Otherwise nothing gets done until I finish the book.

8. I have always wanted to drive a Toyota 4runner.

9. First thing I do every morning while Isaac is eating his breakfast is, check my e-mail and then my bank account.

10. My favorite time of year is the fall. I look forward to seeing the seasons again, now that I am not in Phoenix anymore.

11. I am not a picky eater at all. I will try anything at least once.

12 I think the only food I KNOW I don't like is any kind of watermelon flavored candy. . . I love watermelon though!

13. I have discovered that I love to cook. Michael now gets to put up with my trying new recipes and inventing my own.

14. I always say my favorite color is purple, but really I don't think I have one.

15. I had to have my tonsils taken out when I was 23.

16. I don't like going on road trips

17. I like to go camping.

18. I can't jump into a swimming pool without plugging my nose first.

19. I actually try to avoid swimming, I would rather sit on the side and watch.

20. I like people watching.

21. I am a homebody, and would rather be at home with my family then out doing things.

22. I like trying new restaurants.

23. I tend to be more of a vegetarian eater. I LOVE VEGGIES!!!

24. If I do order any kind of meat it has to be cooked all of the way! NO PINK whatsoever!

25. I like reading or watching anything Jane Austen.

26. I like doing workout videos. There's this hip hop ab one that I want to try.

27. I hate running, but wished I liked it.

28. I like watching infomercials, especially the workout ones (where I saw the ab video).

29. I talk to my mom and sister at least once a week, sometimes everyday.

30. I normally talk on my cell phone while driving (naughty, I know).

31. I don't like to wear lotion because I don't like how it feels on the palms of my hands.

32. I like using a clean towel every time I get out of the shower.

33. My favorite shows on tv are American Idol, Reba, a lot of shows on the cooking channel, TLC and HGTV.

34. I like to wear Mike's clothes around the house. . . therefore making Lindsey wanting to nominate me for TLC's What Not to Wear.

35. I don't like listening to music in the car.

36. I like Disney movies (like High School Musical, Cow Belles), laugh if you will, but it's true!!

37. I don't like drinking water when I am at home.

38. BUT water is my favorite drink to get at resturants!

39. I became a complete germaphobe after having children.

40. I don't like brushing my teeth, but can't sleep until they are brushed.

41. I have a serious addiction to buying my kids clothes.

42. I like scrapbooking.

43. I am afraid of the dark.

44. I like cooking more than baking.

45. I bleached my hair for a whole decade.

46. My hair is now it's natural color, and I like it.

47. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals.

48. When I was young I wanted to be a zoo keeper.

49. I was once a bill collector and hated the job, but still cried after quiting.

50. I still am trying to figure out what I want get a college degree in.

51. I have classes toward nursing, education, psychology, marriage and family counseling.

52. I have morning sickness the entire nine months of pregnancy.

53. I do not like sharks, they really freak me out.

54. I would rather watch movies at home than in a theater. That way I can eat whatever I want, and have control of the volume.

55. One of my favorite parts of summertime growing up was catching fireflies.

56. I love the night sky, learning constellations, and the mythologies about them.

57. I like eating my sandwiches with potato chips smashed in them.

58. I like going to baseball games and eating hot dogs with mustard.

59. I like watching all sports.

60. The only thing I like about the cold is drinking hot cocoa, and normally it means Christmas lights come on.

61. I don't like the snow or any sports that have to do with the snow.

62. I don't like the water (swimming), but I like wake boarding. . . go figure.

63. I have been in one car accident, and have gotten three tickets for not completely stopping at stop signs.

64. I only chew half a stick of gum at a time.

65. I love hiking in the mountains.

66. When I am lying awake in bed I like to daydream of being a writer or an actress.

67. I am a night owl.

68. I love to sleep in, and have been blessed with kids that sleep in as well.

69. I like to organize things, so getting settled into our new house has taken awhile. . . I get to clean everything and put it into a place (I actually really enjoy the process).

70. I got my first pedicure when I was pregnant with Ainlsey and I am now hooked.

71. I once had my sister help me cut off a mole from my stomach with a pair of scissors.

72. I love Christmas carols.

73. I get really grossed out when there is hair in my food. To the point where I will not eat my food only if there is just one bite left when the hair was found, or if it was the first bite, I just don't eat. Really bad right now since my hair falls out after having babies.

74. My feet have grown a full half size since having children.

75. I once pierced my own ears with a needle and ice.

76. One time I had a wart on my knee and burned it off with dry ice.

77. I love movies with Audrey Hepburn or with Doris Day.

78. I wish I had wooden floors throughout my house.

79. I hate being late, which I always am.

80. I don't like candy, unless it is chocolate.

81. I can have a quick temper, and need to learn patience.

82. I love fresh picked tomatoes.

83. I wish Mike could stay home with me everyday.

84. I want to take photography classes.

85. I would also like to go to culinary school, AND beauty school.

86. I dream of having a big house with lots of land.

87. I can't wait to plant a garden here at our new house.

89. I hate being tickled.

90. I get claustrophobic easily.

91. I gained 60 lbs with my first pregnancy.

92. Only 23 with my second.

93. Michael and I have talked to each other either by e-mail, phone, or person every day since meeting.

94. I miss living across the street from the Trujillo's.

95. My favorite fast food places are Taco Bell, Sonic, and Quiznos.

96. My favorite kind of food is Mexican.

97. I like almost everyone I meet.

98. I dislike trying on clothes.

99. I like having my children sleep with Michael and I.

100. I LOVE being a stay at home mom.

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