"Embrace your geekness"

A geek is an individual who is highly intelligent (brainy) and technically oriented. They are most often associated with the computer, and computer systems world. A geek is usually formal, studious and into his technical world, often to the exclusion of all else. A geek is closely related to a "Nerd". A nerd however, may or may not possess technical expertise.

Upon looking at this definition of "geek", I have determined that I would not fall under that category, I would more likely fall under the "nerd" group. I am happily married to a "geek" though.

I have never seen anyone navigate a computer so quickly. I believe his job title was (when working for his dad) was web master. I tried once to understand HTML. . . not happening. It takes someone special to understand such language.

Michael is also an electrical engineer. So between the computer and things he is doing at work I can get a headache trying to understand what is going on.

An example of how well I understand computers:

Michael is always looking at new computers and talks of getting one at least weekly. One time I asked what he was looking for in a computer, and what was wrong with the one we have. What I heard was "Blah blah blah desktop. Blah blah blah CD-R. Blah blah blah something about network cards, modems, things about hard drives. I don't want one with "cellulite". . . and something about a mothership." I also know there are sound cards in there too.

Really forever I could only remember the words mothership (which really turns out to be a motherboard) and cellulite (which is something to do with celeron, still not too clear on this really is).

I am proud to admit that I am one BIG nerd and in love with one BIG geek!!!


Lacey said...

So cute! And I feel your pain..my relationship with computers and Chris' relationship with computers is completely different..I prefer to have him do things for me!!

katherine said...

Ha! I feel the same way as you. Derek's the computer guy with all the answers, I'm just the lady who uses the computer every once in a while. Don't you love your geek, I know I love mine! Cute pictures by the way!