It's Raining. . . It's pouring. . .

It's been awhile, and there is so much to write I don't quite know where to begin. The Mortensen's know reside in Celina, TX. We are slowly but surely making our new house a home. Slowly being the key word, I knew it wouldn't be fast, but I didn't realize it would be such a slow going with two young children. . . oh well we will get there.

I guess I can start with our last week in Arizona. We (Michael's side of the family) all went to a water resort in phoenix and had a lot of fun. Isaac was especially sad to leave. Who wouldn't be, we slept in every morning until ten, ate out for every meal, went swimming every evening. Basically it was lots of fun (thanks grandpa Mortensen!).

Here's a picture of the kids watching cartoons at the hotel, Isaac thought it was great that he could stay in bed!!

Isaac and Michael on the Lazy River. . . another big hit with Isaac!

The time did come unfortunately that we had to say good bye to sunny Arizona. The airport wasn't quite as nerve wracking as I thought it would be. The worst part was the plane ride, not so much ride either really, but sitting there waiting for the plane to take off. We were told that the Dallas Airport was not letting planes in and planes were not leaving because of the weather (a small glimpse of what was to come).

We were on the airplane for four hours, when it is normally a two hour flight. The kids were amazingly good and only starting getting ants in their pants 30 minutes before we were actually able to take off. Then they both slept for the two hours it took to get to Dallas.

We arrived to Texas in the rain and that is how it's been every day since.

Okay this post was started on Sunday, it is now Tuesday so for now I will have to say


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Lacey said...

Yeah your alive!! I tried to call you yesterday..left a message! Hope all is well in Texas..how's your accent coming?!? ;) Can't wait to see all the pictures! love ya!