Little bit of this and that

This post is going to be a lot of randomness. . . because quite honestly I have been wracking my brain on what to write and nothing great has come to mind.

My life right now has been filled with trying to make my house feel more like my home. Such a long process for me. I have only done a little here and there. It's hard work, but I love how it looks when I am done! I am just lacking in motivation to do anything these days! There is a wall in my hallway that Isaac painted (quite abstract right now. . . we might have a great artist on our hands) that I have yet to finish. It has been almost two weeks since Isaac "started" the wall for me! I let him paint one wall while I did another. But there are plenty of rooms where he has "painted" with his markers!

I have been trying to keep my home in order, which has not been an easy task either. Most days I feel like I clean a room and then 10 minutes later it looks worse than when I started. The other day sweet Isaac took a roll of tape and proceeded to unravel the roll creating booby traps throughout the entire house. I am amazed at how strong the tape was. He has it a couple inches off of the ground and taped to walls, chairs and furniture. I don't know how many times I tripped!

It's my fault though, like I said early I have so little motivation right now :) Although watching Oprah yesterday helped a little. The show was about hoarders, now I am no where near where this poor lady was. I am really not a hoarder at all, just more disorganized. The one thing that hit me that was said on the show was "What do you want from your home? What do you want from this room?" I certainly don't want clutter and disorganization. So my quest has begun to create the home of peace and love that I desire.

On to my children. . . Oh they do try and test my patience. Really I have had just about enough of Isaac body slamming, hitting and pushing his little sister. Obviously I am doing something wrong in the punishing department, nothing I have tried is working, and lately I just ignore the two as much as I can. Unless there is major pain involved I have been letting them work it out themselves. Still not the answer I am wanting, but I need a break from playing referee everyday!

Now don't misunderstand me, my kids truly to drive me nuts, but I love them dearly. I have so many ARGHH moments daily, but I live for my children. They mean the world to me. Even when I am ready to pull out my hair or scream from the top of my lungs. . . hey maybe that's where my chipped tooth came from. Holding my teeth together to keep from screaming!!

Today I feel like I am going through puberty all over again. Of course a few days before I am about to have family pictures taken I break out. Not just a few little blemishes. . . full on GIANT mountains of ZITS! What's up with that?! Seriously? I have a horrible nervous habit of picking at my face when it does break out making it 10 times worse! Thank goodness for photo shop! We'll just erase those little nasties from my face and all is well! I wonder if the photographer can erase 30 lbs as well :)

I took a test yesterday to find out what kind of cookie I am. I am a chocolate chip cookie. It even says in the description I am a little disorganized. . . So while each of you take the test to find out what kind you are (just click the picture below) I will be off trying to hold my tongue, playing referee, and creating a little bit of beauty in our home. . . oh yeah and planning my VT message!

You're sweet (but not too sweet) and you fill other people's lives with tasty bits of awesomeness. You're no perfectionist – in fact, you're a bit disorganized – but your friends find your easygoing personality irresistible. You're so popular and loveable that even when you're having a bad day, people still like having you around.


The Tate's said...

I have been feeling the same way you have latley. I can not keep my house clean for the life of me. Last Saturday I got into a crazy cleaning mood and today there is nothing to show for it. I watched Oprah too. I can not believe how much stuff that lady had. But I did see a little of me in her too, I love sales, I get so excited when I see a sale it makes my day. I have to watch and see the final product. I must say I love a good chocolate chip cookie. What a fun test I will have to try. Have a good day you guys.

Chelsea said...

I soo hear you on the blog issue. I have been racking my brain too. I think i told you that. I am sure your house isn't as bad as you may feel it to be. You are always cleaning. And relax because you are going to be adding my 2 dogs to the mix of things soon and then you will have 4 people to chase after. So take a deep breath and go eat a cookie. The description remided me of you to a T! Popular and always fun to be around! LOVE IT!! :)

Lacey said...

I watched a few minutes of that Oprah show but had to turn it off..that women drove me nuts with her spending habits! Keep your head up! And just think of the great family vacation ahead!

sarah said...

Ok just so you know I am a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Although Hunter is not old enough to make his own messes yet, I find myself walking around at night cleaning up Chloe's toys that she has pulled out. I guess she is just getting me ready... Note to self never buy Hunter markers. I am so excited that you guys are coming next week!

Matt-Whitney said...

Hey Hey!! Im a Chocolate Chip Cookie to! You need to send me some pictures of your house! I want to see what you have done and your paint colors.

Lara said...

I so hear you. Every fall I lose my motivation to keep up with the mundane stuff. I just want to curl up and read or something. This year it has been doubly bad because I have a terror of a toddler running around. Today, Joel found her on top of my scrapbook table and she destroyed my last layout and pulled everything out of drawers and shelves. She was probably there a total of 3 minutes. This is what she does. I can't keep up. It's demoralizing!

But, it's part of my job description. Sigh. Must. find. motivation.

Anyway, sorry you're feeling like that too, but it is always nice to hear that i'm not the only one.

Kami said...

YOur mind sounds similar to me too. So much random thoughts and it all seems to jumble together. I'm sure you are doing a lot better on your house than you think. I'm missing having my own place a lot!

Arnett's said...

I took that cookie test. It was cute. I am a peanut butter butter cookie. Just like a kid!!

Aaron & Brittney said...

I was cracking up reading your post... not that it was funny that all those things were happening to you... but that I have had all of those same feelings lately! My baby has just started some pretty big tantrums and it is so frustrating! Also, the zit thing was cracking me up! We had pictures taken yesterday and lets just say I made it look really christmasy with all the "red bulbs" on my face! AHHHH! so annyoying! Anyways- I guess we just keep plugging along! I always try to remember that if we didn't have these frustrations and challenges then we wouldn't know how to feel the joy and happiness in our lives either!
Oh ya- and no one is prefectly organized either! :)

Marci Coombs said...

Oh man...I too have a habit of picking my face. I do it every night. Even if there is nothing to pick...I still find stuff to pick. Then, I make it worse!