Eight Months Old

Ainsley is 8 months old today. Growing so quickly. . . a little too fast at times. I want to share some of her favorites and some of her most recent accomplishments.

15. She LOVES to eat. Anything you feed her she eats it. Even things she is not supposed to. For instance buttons, paper, anything small and sparkly.

Perfect example of how EVERYTHING goes straight for the mouth!

14. She signs eat, and for the first time yesterday signed cracker. Funny thing is I haven't really been doing sign with her like I did with Isaac. Just every once in awhile Isaac and I sign (he is really into knowing what all the signs are for ALL of his toys right now). Back to Ainsley. Ironic she signed eat as her first . . . I think not!

13. She is our little dare devil. She climbs up everything. She climbed onto the couch the other day (cushions were off), but still somehow she made it up.

12. She has been trying to stand on her own. She has been walking all over the place (holding onto furniture or walls), but recently started letting go and seeing how long she can stand before falling over. Once again my little dare devil!

11. She loves playing patty cake, and started clapping on her own when she wants to play.

10. She blows back into your face when you blow into hers.

9. Ainsley loves shaking her head no. Ask her a question and the answer is always no.

8. Our little girl is social, and yet likes to play shy. If anyone besides mom, dad or Isaac talks to her she will hide her head in my shoulder. As soon as I tell her to say hi, she will look up at me, look at the person and then wave, with a big smile on her face.

Here she is playing camera shy. Almost all photo shoots go this way with her. I get in front of her to take a picture and she turns her back towards me.

7. Ainsley is a speed crawler. She is just as fast as Isaac when he is crawling.

6. Ainsley LOVES to be outside. Her eyes light up, and is such a happy little girl when we are out. When it's time to come back in she will cry.

5. She loves music. She bops to any kind of music on the radio. Ainsley loves playing the piano. She stands on her tiptoes and plays our big piano, or will play Isaac's little one. The piano will keep her occupied for at least five minutes! I think that's great for an baby!

4. She has a very nice courtesy laugh. Sounds like a mix between a cough and a laugh. She does this laugh when you think something is funny and she wants to join in the laughter.

3. Ainsley has learned how to get her brother in trouble. I know they are communicating on how to upset mom! He comes running to push her over or take her toys away, and she screams! If she is feeling neglected she will scream if he's just in the room, to get my attention. I will ask Isaac if he did anything to her. "No mom, she's just like that!"

2. Ainsley's favorite person (next to mom) is Isaac. She LOVES Isaac. They fight like crazy sometimes, but she adores him. Follows him around, and just giggles every time he talks to her.

1. Ainsley is a DEFINITE mommas girl, but recently has started getting excited when daddy gets home. She knows daddy takes her outside to play when he gets home from work. She will follow him into the room and sit there and wait for him to change his clothes and get shoes on.

Ainsley is such a joy to be around, and I am sure lucky to have her in my life!

Okay Halloween pictures didn't turn out so good so I am going to take some more pictures later. Maybe when all the snot has left our house!! Here's the best I got:

(I will tell the story when I get some better pictures!)


Lara said...

Sophie did, and still does, so many of the things you say Ainsley does. She's just started the courtesy laugh thing and it's hilarious! Ainsley is adorable!

Love the Halloween costumes. (you made those wings? I ended up just buying them from WalMart. Sigh!)

Sorry your pictures didn't turn out..but glad it's not too hard to take more. I've done that before and I've really learned to check my LCD screen and settings often to avoid it, but I still sometimes mess up and don't notice for a while!

The Tate's said...

YOu guys have such adorable kids! They look so cute in their cosutmes! I read the power rangers post too and was laughing! He is too funny. Jeffry watches Power Rangers sometimes on Saturday mornings...I dont get it, but he loves all the action...I am sure it is a boy thing!

Michael said...

yes, please tell the story of what that giant green thing is on Ainsley's head.

I can't believe time has gone by so fast! can't wait to see her again. still waiting for painting and bike pictures.

Lacey said...

Hey Brooke! Love the halloween pictures...and it was fun getting to know Ainsley better! When in November are you guys coming back to Az?

Kami said...

I think the Halloween pics turned out good. Anderson will be 7 months tomorrow. I didn't realize how close in age they are. He will not eat anything, but everything does go directly for the mouth. She is so cute.

Matt-Whitney said...

awwwwww so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah said...

Brooke you are taking suck good pictures! I think your class is really paying off, now you will have to teach me some tricks.

BandHGardner said...

What cute costumes!
Happy 8th month Ainsley!

Chelsea said...

Hey we had twin costumes for Cash and Iaasac! Hurray! He looked super cute!!
Ainsley looks super pretty!
Ainsley is so amazing! My kids at 8 months are funny as can be and eat everything but sit perfectly still. (probably too fat!) I love that she signs. That is so awesome when they can communicate with you. We tried so hard to get Carter to sign and instead he would just talk. I can't complain! Cash with his hearing problems you would think want to sign and respond to that, but he would rather walk away and scream till we figure out what he wants. Crazy children of mine!

Marci Coombs said...

LOVE the costumes. Ainsley's costume is my favorite. THAT is why I want at least one girl...just to dress up cute!

Arnett's said...

So cute! Her and Aidne have so much in common! How are you teaching sign? Aiden can sign finished and I think that is all. She is so cute. I love the costumes too!!

Chelsea said...

Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour tonight! :) Hope you had a good Saturday!

Emily & Jeremy said...

Hi. Is this the Brooke who wrote a comment on my blog about the recipes? Just wanted to say thanks for the compliment and for the comment. I always wonder who is out there looking at my blog, and glad someone else likes the recipes I post. I LOVE food, so I like sharing a good recipe any time I find one.

P.s. you take awesome pictures.


Aaron & Brittney said...

Those pictures are so good. Your daughter is so cute. They grow up too fast. ~ I love all Christmas music also. I love a lot of Josh Grobans christmas songs... I don't have his CD though. I just downloaded a few songs from wal-marts website but I love them. I am sure his CD would be great. Also, Il Divo has some beautiful christmas music. I just go to walmart.com and listen to the songs I like and download them for 88 cents each and that way I have a lot of mix CD's for Christmas. Clay Aiken also has some pretty chirstmas songs!

The Powell Family said...

Very cute pirate costume!!! :) I am very impressed with Ainsley's costume as well...good job, Mommy!

Happy 8 month birthday, pretty girl!

brooke martin said...

Hi!! Thank you so much for your willingness to help. That is so awesome. I hate to ask this, but do I know you? I know a Brooke Mortensen, but that was her maiden name. You TOTALLY can drop off clothes during Thanksgiving time. I put Dec 1st being the last day to drop off items, however, my dad really isn't leaving until DEc 15th. So thanksgiving will be a GREAT time. Email me soon and I'll give you directions to my home. Where will you be coming from?? Can't wait to meet you.