Home Again Home Again

We made it safely home Saturday evening, but somewhere along our trip our luggage wasn't as lucky. We arrived in Dallas missing three suitcases. The only ones from our flight with missing bags. Lucky us.

It was very cold and rainy when we got home so I had to make a trip to the store to get some warm clothes for the kids. I wasn't about to go to church the next day without my blow dryer to fix my hair and no make up on, so needed a few other things as well. While at the store I received a phone call from the airport saying they found my bags and I would get them the next morning around ten. WAHOO! So I went back through the store and put away the "stuff" I was going to buy.

Fast forward a few hours and we were all in bed and all in a much needed DEEP sleep. I woke up and thought I heard my doorbell ring at one in the morning. Kind of got a little freaked out, who rings your door bell that early in the morning. I have also mentioned I am afraid of the dark, so there was NO WAY I was going to see who it was. Then I figured I was crazy and didn't hear anything and went back to sleep.

Fast forward again to ten the next morning. I call the baggage people because they had left messages on my phone all from around midnight. As the phone is ringing I remember I had "thought" I heard the door bell in the middle of the night, so opened the door, just as customer service answered the phone. Boy did I feel silly, all of my luggage was sitting on the front step (yes it had been raining all night), so I said "sorry just kidding I found my bags outside", and hung up!

Of course I took my camera with me, and of course I never remembered to take it out of my suitcase. . . so no pictures. We did get some family pictures taken that week, can't wait to see them. . . Here's a little shout out to Lara Ellingson for working with my crazy kids and doing our pictures for us.

I also had my hair chopped off. Another shout out to Lindsay who did AMAZING! My hair was to the end of my shoulder blades and now is just below my chin. Love it! I am actually going to have to fix my hair everyday, instead of throwing it back into a pony tail.

As soon as I got home Sunday from church I broke out the Christmas decorations! My tree is up and it's beginning to feel like Christmas around here. Isaac talks about Santa coming to our house daily. . . I love how much more magical Christmas is when children are involved. It has also been fun to get out our nativities and Isaac telling me the stories we learned last year about Jesus being born! I LOVE this time of year!


Kami said...

sounds like quite the arrival home. At least they found your bag and you didn't have to get all new stuff. Can't wait to see a picture of your hair.

Lacey said...

Can't wait to see your hair! You have left me in suspense!! Glad you guys made it home safely!

Aaron & Brittney said...

I bet you are glad to be back and unpacked... and to have all of your bags! Don't you love flying...with kids! AHHH! well- hope you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Hello Brooke-
So, I am commenting on your blog to see how you survived your makeover...shout out to you for being so brave and cheerful and not crying in my chair. It was my pleasure to get to actually meet you and visit and "play!" I only wish we booked some extra time to add some color. Next time you are in town...we'll have to do that. Don't forget to use product and have fun with a new sexy and sassy 'do. I thought you looked amazing. Happy Hair days and Happy Holidays! Love, Lindsay ;)

Chelsea said...

Ahhh, Lindsay IS the best!!! I am so glad you got to go to her. I can't wait to see the new do too! SO glad your luggage made it safe too.
That is too precious that Isaac tells the baby jesus story. Have you seen the Little People mangaer set? Super cute. Carter plays with it year round.
Talk to you later!! :)

Cuddlydoll said...

Glad you had a good trip and that you got your bags back so quickly!

I am excited to see your hair and pictures of your kids!


Matt-Whitney said...

WOW! Sounds like you had an adventure. Oh I have been ok. Today was bad. I woke up sick called work told them I was going to come in late becasue I was not feeling well. Got there about 10 started feeling worse and decided to leave at 12 so yeah today has been fun good thing I only live about 10 min from work I dont think I would have made it if I lived far away so I have been sleeping ever since. And I have a Doctors appt tonight woo wee!

The Tate's said...

Missing luggage is my worst fear. Glad to hear they found it and you got it all back. I too want to see your new hair. LOVE Lindsay! I am addicted and cant go any where else now....she she does such a good job! SO you have to tell me how the flight went with your kids. I leave this weekend and I am nervous. It is just me with the two of them. Jeffry is easy but Jack now that he is more mobile and out of his baby carseat scares me. Any tips would help!! Have a good day you guys!