Ain't nothing wrong with lovin' chunky.

Roly Poly Bug.

Here we go again.

Check out the roly polies on my little bug.
Too cute, right

She is so proud of herself for being able to roll. Poor girlie just gets so mad that she can't lift that head up off the ground. I guess those cheeks are as heavy as they look.


Allison said...

She is too cute! I love her cheeks and just want to pinch them. So adorable!

Marci Coombs said...

What an absolute DOLL!!!!

Janie said...

she can't be rolling already, this is going too fast for me, and I'm not her mamma.

kyra and brigham cook said...

i love chubby babies!

Bethanne said...

Love those blue eyes and those kissable cheeks. Love 'em. How are you doing? Seems like the adjustment was no biggie to you?