Gonna Soak Up the Sun

Check out the cutest sunbathing beauty on the block.

I would just like to throw this out there:

Gwennie just turned 4 months old. The suit that we finally were able to fit on her today (and it was a little snug) was the one Ainsley wore when she was 15 -18 months old!

Oh Gwen, Miss Chunky Monkey. I love it.

Gonna be honest though, Ainsley rocked that suit too!!
My Itsy Bitsy who started walking at 8 months, who has been running full speed ever since.

Completely unrelated to sunbathing (except for the fact that I should probably spend a little more time out in the sun, seeing as all of my kids make me look pasty pasty. As in vampire white) I chopped off my hair this past week. Almost ten inches! Next time I will go with something a little more dramatic. But I love it for right now. It is so nice not the have long heavy hair. Especially nice not finding long hair all over the house (thank you end of pregnancy hormones). Since I am a couple weeks behind on my Thursday Portraits I give you three of me. Enjoy (mom, because I know you have been waiting!).


Lindsey said...

I knew that swim suit looked familiar, but couldn't put my finger on it...probably because I had seen it on a walking toddler, not a chunky infant : ) Love the hairs!!!!

Teddy said...

Love the hair cut! My baby is just the opposite, he's going to be 1 next week and is still fitting into 6-9 month stuff! His brothers were NOT that small. Crazy. She's so cute!

Lara said...

You look beautiful! Love the new do. And Gwen is just adorable. Love her rolls. Love.

The Nelsons said...

I love the hair! So cute!

The A Team said...

your hair looks great! did you donate it? i'm thinking about doing it too for the same reasons (plus in texas it's just too hot to have long hair...especially if you're a wuss like me).

LaFish said...

Love the haircut, and love the cute chunky baby!