Window Art.

Our new favorite.
Coloring on the windows.
Entertainment for hours.


Just in case you were wondering, he can't color without sticking his tongue out. He gets that from his Aunt Jenny ♥ ♥

*** We use Crayola Window Crayons. We have the window markers too, but the crayons work better. Some Windex and a rag takes it all right off.


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing;) Maybe when Liam's older I can do that. Right now L would write all over everything...he would not understand why he could do the window and not the wall:)

The Miller's said...

LOVE IT!! Where did u get them at??

Bethanne said...

FUN! I think I'm going to have to get us some. I want to color on the windows!!!

Janette said...

I am totally going to take this idea!! Ryan will love this ... so will Ashley ... unfortunately. ;)