The Children Slept On.

{I want to say this right now.  It is 3:30 am.  I can't sleep.  So I am blogging.  Talk about lame-o.  Point is, I apologize for  any grammatical, or spelling, or any other kind of typo.  Just throwin' that out there.  I have no plans on correcting.  Consider this a fair warning...}

I sat straight up.   My stomach dropped.  The only way I can describe the noise is a roar.  Deafening.  Like you are standing at the bottom of Niagra Falls.  The house was shaking.  I yelled to Mike, I think there's a tornado.  And then hail started pounding the house like I have never heard.  (the little neighbor boy told me it sounded like machine guns hitting the house.  He wasn't far off) I thought for sure the windows would be gone any second.  We were lucky.  Many of our neighbors weren't as lucky. Windows cracked and shattered.  Some looked like a street baseball game had gone awry.  Perfect baseball sized holes through the windows.  Fences down everywhere.  Trampolines thrown about.  One of our bushes outside has a hole through the front of it.  And the flowers I helped my neighbor plant the night before.  Gone.  That same neighbor has birds dead upside down in her trees.  So sad.

There wasn't really a tornado.  I felt silly that I had shouted like I did.  And even worse when I let my children stay asleep in bed, while neighbors told me they all huddled in bathrooms.  We all had the same scary awakening.  Man, that roar.  It's a noise you don't forget.

Hail.  Hail. and more Hail.  Is what we got.  It was crazy.  I have neighbors that have grown up here in the area and have never seen anything like it. 

Our neighborhood wasn't even hit as bad as five miles down the road.  They were hit hard.  I kept seeing pictures and reading stories on facebook of friends from church.  I hope it's not mean to say I am so glad my house only walked away with bumps and bruises.   Our house is going on the market this weekend (Like how I just threw that one out there), and my stress levels are high enough as is.  So I am very thankful right now.

After running around last night making sure we were clear of damage.  I got out the camera.  I don't have a flash on my camera.  And since the power was out (for a couple hours) there wasn't enough light for me to get good pictures.  I tried holding my cell phone up as light, for a few pictures.  Haha.  Oh how I wish it was my neighbor acting like a crazy lady.  Running around barefoot, and not appropriately dressed,  trying to take pictures at 3 in the morning.  Would have been awesome to watch.

I know worst pictures ever.  But it looked like it had just snowed.  You could see hardly any grass.  Like I said crazy!  There were quite a few biggens' out there.  Just smaller than golf balls.  Add crazy 70 mph wind.  Did I mention crazy?  I forgot to grab something to show you how big they were. . . but I was running around like a mad woman, so it's only to be expected.

Talk about going out with a bang.  Texas sending us off with one Texas sized farewell.


Amanda said...

so scary. you guys are so lucky. Glad you took pictures. Where are you MOVING????

Deanna said...

That is really wild, we had a storm like that here last year. People in Glendale were really hit hard and car dealerships, lol. So since you dropped the big hint....where's the big move?

Jenny said...

That is one thing I will not miss about living in this part of the country - the crazy weather!

Michael said...

you're Moving!?

Lacey said...

I"m sad I won't see you! Bad timing! I can't believe the hail! Love and miss you!

Teddy said...

I'm asking the same question everyone else is...where? Please say AZ!!