Tax Day.

Today my baby girl is one.  Can you believe it?  I sure don't. 

She's a sneaky one. You know by not crawling until she was over 10 months old.  Leading me to believe she was going to be my easiest baby.  Ha.  The joke's on me.  She is fast.  She is mischievous.  No joke, right now she is sitting on the floor emptying a brand new box of q-tips.

Look at this girl's form.  Plie.  Passe. Arabesque.  (Okay we are still working on arabesque).  Her new trick is standing up (using a chair, couch, wall etc) letting go, and seeing how long she can stand on her own.  She is mighty proud of her new trick.


Will you check out that cheeser...look at those teeth!  She has 12 teeth and four of her canines are coming in.  Most babies get their first teeth at 6-8 months.  Her first four came in at 4 months.  Molars don't normally come in until 13 months.  Her's came in at 10 months.  Baby canines come in around 16 months and hers are breaking through right now.  Her teeth come in quick and easy.  I never know she's teething.  A tooth just pops up.  Gonna be honest though. . . those teeth HURT.  Break the skin hurt.  {she still nurses} But that toothy grin is to.die.for.

Her lips.  Her cheeks.  I smooch them daily.  You would too.  No really, you probably would.  People can meet her without squishing a cheek, arm or leg.  No lie.  I try not to let it bother when strangers do it.  But I am a germ freak people.  Don't touch my baby.  Unless I know you.  Then it's all good.

Little Miss has our entire family wrapped around her little finger.  Big surprise right?  Love this girl to pieces.  All of us do.  She made quite the entrance into this world.  But man oh man, am I ever thankful she did!

Happy birthday baby girl!



Jenny said...

Happy birthday Gwen!

Lindsey said...

I find it just gross that she is ONE and I STILL HAVEN'T MET HER!!! Let's change that soon, Miss Gwen!

Lacey said...

Aw! Happy birthday little sister! Such a cutie! Congrats on making it through the first year!

kyra and brigham cook said...

sooooo cute! she looks like orson now!

Bethanne said...

Omigosh, she is sooooo cute. Love it. We thought Griffey was going to be our easiest too since he was always SO happy...deep down he was "mwuh-haha"-ing it. Silly us for getting duped. But we have to laugh at all his antics (and he is CRAZY)... luckily for him, Leah and JJ laugh when he tortures them too...silly nut.